Medicinal Herbs and ADHD



Garlic Ancient Medicine Unearthed: The Saga of Garlic’s Timeless Healing Power

In this episode of the Medicinal Herbs podcast series, naturopath and herbalist Jo Boyd joins host Daina Parent, ND, to...

Podcast • August 4, 2023 • 26:40 min BookmarkBookmark

Pet Diabetes: Insights, Strategies, and Nutritional Approaches

Diabetes is a relatively common disease in dogs and cats. Nutritional management strategies aimed at mitigating disease progression can significantly...

Article • July 29, 2023 • 4 min read BookmarkBookmark

Homocysteine, Cardiovascular Health, and the Role of Vitamin B6

Chronically elevated homocysteine can exert harmful effects on the heart and blood vessels, but ensuring adequate vitamin B6 intake can support both...

Article • July 22, 2023 • 2 min read BookmarkBookmark

Circulation 101

What Does Circulation Do? The circulatory system is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, utilizing the heart...

Article • July 15, 2023 • 2 min read BookmarkBookmark

Dysbiosis and the Gut Microbiome

In this episode of the Medicinal Herbs podcast, host Daina Parent, ND, talks with naturopath and medical herbalist Berris Burgoyne...

Podcast • July 7, 2023 • 36:50 min BookmarkBookmark

Cardiovascular Health: Circulation, Nutrition, and Physical Activity

What is Cardiovascular Health? The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels, which together circulate blood throughout the body....

Article • July 1, 2023 • 6 min read BookmarkBookmark

Masterclass: How to Integrate Functional Nutrition into Pet Patient Care

Join Lisa Kluslow, DVM, in her talk about the why and how of integrating functional nutrition into your veterinary practice....

Video • June 24, 2023 • 50:15 min watch BookmarkBookmark

HPA Axis Support in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats experience different stressors than humans, but it can still take a toll on their HPA axis, the stress response system in the body....

Article • June 24, 2023 • 4 min read BookmarkBookmark

What’s in a Bite of Brussels Sprouts?

WholisticMatters invites you to see what amazing nutrients are contained in a bite of Brussels sprouts. These bite-sized videos are...

Video • June 17, 2023 • 00:44 min watch BookmarkBookmark

Manganese | Food Sources, Functions, and Deficiency Symptoms

Manganese is a critical component of antioxidant enzymes and a cofactor for enzymes involved in diverse functions throughout the body. The daily...

Article • June 17, 2023 • 2 min read BookmarkBookmark

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