Medicinal Herbs and ADHD


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Key Topics: Digestive Health
January 7, 2022 • 26:30 min
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About this Episode

“Detoxification” is a common subject of conversation in the health and wellness industry, especially around the start of the new year. This is a time when many people reconsider their health and their approach to supporting a healthy life. In this podcast episode, our guest is naturopath and medical herbalist Berris Burgoyne, who joins our host Sara Le Brun Blashka, MS, to discuss detoxification and herbal support you can count on.

One of the first questions that comes up regarding detoxification is how often an individual needs to act intentionally to support the body through the detoxification process (01:09). Many experts may recommend detoxing once or twice per year, with the frequency often depending on an individual’s lifestyle and associated exposure to toxins.

>> Listen: The liver is the major detox organ (02:41)

Toxin exposure can occur from a variety of exogenous (external to the body) and endogenous (internal) sources (04:27). The average person is exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day as a part of normal life. This toxin exposure is addressed by the body through the detoxification process, which can be broken down into three phases: bioactivation, conjugation, and elimination (12:44).

Berris Burgoyne’s Favorite Herbs to Support Detox (17:14)

Herbs Supporting the NRF2 Pathway (18:50)

>> Listen to our episode with Kerry Bone on “Best Herbs for Supporting the Nrf2 Response

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