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Metabolic Detox & Nutritional Support

Key Topics: Digestive Health
May 21, 2022

Everyday life includes exposure to many toxins, including cigarette smoke, dyes and paints, and cleaning products, as well as preservatives in our foods. Removing these toxins in a systematic, nutritionally supported program can help support overall health. During a metabolic detox, the primary objective is to support the body’s natural, innate detoxification system. The human body is capable of identifying, targeting, binding, and removing toxins from the body but there are steps that can help this process.

The three phases of a metabolic detox are bioactivation, conjugation, and transport. During bioactivation, toxins are converted into reactive intermediates which need to be neutralized quickly. Next is the conjugation and conversion of reactive intermediates into non-toxic, water-soluble molecules. This step uses a lot of cellular energy and requires several cofactors, making nutrient intake critical during this phase. Finally, there is transport or elimination of neutralized toxins through the kidneys via urine or bile via feces.

It is important to temporarily remove specific foods and beverages from the diet that may interfere with effective detoxification including caffeine, alcohol, dairy, processed foods, and added sugar. Removal of these foods may cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, and cravings, but consuming adequate protein, natural sugars from fruits, and plenty of water can help minimize symptoms. Bowel irregularity can also occur as the body responds to changes in diet and daily habits and seeks to eliminate toxins. Ensuring proper hydration, consuming fiber and healthy fats, and engaging in physical activity can help alleviate bowel irregularity.

Toxins are everywhere but that does not mean the only option is to let them accumulate in the body. Following a systematic, nutritionally supported metabolic detoxification program can help the body reduce its toxic burden and support overall health and longevity.

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