Medicinal Herbs and ADHD

May 25, 2021 • 45:43 min

About this Episode

Two world record-holders are planning unique adventures across the Pacific Ocean, from California to Hawaii. Cyril Derreumaux will be in a one-of-a-kind kayak, while Carlo Facchino will be rowing. Cyril and Carlo are friends from a record-breaking row back in 2016, and now Carlo is coaching Cyril in preparation for his expedition in addition to making an ocean crossing of his own.

Ocean Crossings for the Ages

Cyril Derreumaux

A journey that Cyril says is three years in the making, ocean kayaking differs from ocean rowing in many ways, including different movements utilizing different parts of the body. Carlo’s rowboat is larger than Cyril’s kayak, and Carlo is aiming for speed and performance while Cyril’s goal is the adventure in and of itself. However, in Cyril’s words: “The ocean is going to be the same – they don’t care who’s riding it.” Both Cyril and Carlo value safety during their ocean crossings, and both of these elite athletes will trek across the ocean alone and unsupported.

When it comes to diet and nutrition on their respective journeys, both elite athletes rely heavily on nutritious, energizing foods to power their bodies. In particular, Cyril appreciates variety in his diet, and describes how “taste buds are different on the water than they are on land.” Carlo mentions the importance of quality ingredients.

Carlo Facchino

Considering their habits pertaining to training, recovery, and performance, Cyril explains that “there is no way to train for fourteen hours a day of a daily routine of working out for seventy days… Your body is so surprisingly adaptable.” He describes how you just have to train your body the best that you can to be as ready as possible for the adaptation process. Another aspect of training for optimal performance is mental preparation for isolation, many hours of physical effort, continuous onslaught of weather conditions, and living in a boat for weeks on end during their ocean crossings.

We finish our conversation with Cyril and Carlo asking them about their reflections and the advice they would give to people inspired by their incredible journeys. Take a listen to this episode to hear what these elite athletes have to say about working hard and reaching your dreams.


Learn more about the Mermaid Series – owned, operated, and founded by Carlo.

Learn more about the two non-profit organizations Cyril partners with – Ocean Voyages Institute and Rivers for Change.

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