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Organic Farming

September 11, 2017
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Organic is an official status governed by the USDA who sets rigorous standards in regard to how farms may grow or produce crops. Organic farms cannot utilize genetic modification or any synthetic products or processes. This includes the reliance on any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Maximizing the soil microbiome helps organic farmers live up to conventional farming yields in the absence of those conventional fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified crops. This has the benefit of improving the nutritional quality of these crops. When considering the nutritional density of a plant, it’s important to first consider the nutritional content of the soil it grows in. Nutritionally deprived soil will produce nutritionally empty crops. Conventional farming practices – by gradually depleting nutrients from the soil through harsh chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides – have resulted in the decrease of crops’ nutritional value throughout the years. By taking advantage of the symbiotic relationship between the soil and the plants that grow in it, organic farmers can produce nutrient-dense crops while maintaining rich, vital soil.

Organic farming involves producing various crops through approved methods, including cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that promote cycling of resources, ecological balance, and biodiversity conservation. Organic farming has long-term sustainability goals in mind by avoiding substances that could detrimentally impact the surrounding ecology and the longevity of the soil. Organic farming prioritizes long-term environmental goals in addition to the general health of their customers by avoiding chemicals with potentially harmful effects. The chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides used in conventional farming contributes to the consumption of toxins. Contrarily, a diet high in the consumption of organic food can reduce toxic burden and enhance natural detoxification processes.

Learn about the difference between conventional and organic farming, healthy soil, and soil biodiversity from Christine Mason, an expert in her field who has managed an organic farm for 17 years.

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