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The Whole Food Story Behind Functional and Integrative Nutrition

The story is simple, yet important. Health care, by utilizing nutrition therapy, should focus on the patient as a whole and address the true, underlying issues to meet the needs of every consumer and patient. Whole food nutrition can play an important role in managing and optimizing a person’s individual health status. It’s also an effective way to optimize nutrient content and support body systems. By combining an understanding of the whole patient with whole food nutrition, health status can be optimized wholistically!  

‘Wholistic’ Matters to Health and to Healthcare Systems for Everyone 
We are dedicated to advancing the latest insights and information available in nutrition therapy and clinical nutrition and to presenting only the most balanced, credible, and reliable clinical nutrition and science available. Partnering with some of the world’s most influential clinical investigators and institutions, information on this site is designed to keep users current in nutrition practices and improving health outcomes - because wholistic health really does matter.

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